Academic Calendar for PAULESI students for 2016/2017

INSTITUTE OF LIFE AND EARTH SCIENCES (INCLUDING HEALTH & AGRICULTURE) PAN AFRICAN UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN ACADEMIC CALENDER, 2016/2017 SESSION FIRST SEMESTER Arrival of Students: Monday 21/11/2016 Orientation/Registration Wednesday 23/10/2016-27/10/2016 Nine weeks of Language moderation Monday 28/11/2016-03/02/2017 14 weeks of Teaching Monday 06/02/2017-12/05/2017 One week of Revision Friday 12/05/2017-19/05/2017 Two weeks of Examination Monday 22/05/2017-02/06/2017 Two weeks of Processing of Examination Results Monday 05/06/2017-17/06/2017 Meeting of Board of Examiners Tuesday 20/06/2017 Consideration of Exam results by Senate Monday 26/06/2017 End of Semester (Break) Friday 17/06/2017- 01/07/2017 SECOND SEMESTER Students Arrive Saturday 01/07/2017 14…Read more