Academic Calendar for PAULESI students for 2016/2017

INSTITUTE OF LIFE AND EARTH SCIENCES (INCLUDING HEALTH & AGRICULTURE) PAN AFRICAN UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN ACADEMIC CALENDER, 2016/2017 SESSION FIRST SEMESTER Arrival of Students: Monday 21/11/2016 Orientation/Registration Wednesday 23/10/2016-27/10/2016 Nine weeks of Language moderation Monday 28/11/2016-03/02/2017 14 weeks of Teaching Monday 06/02/2017-12/05/2017 One week of Revision Friday 12/05/2017-19/05/2017 Two weeks of Examination Monday 22/05/2017-02/06/2017 Two weeks of Processing of Examination Results Monday 05/06/2017-17/06/2017 Meeting of Board of Examiners Tuesday 20/06/2017 Consideration of Exam results by Senate Monday 26/06/2017 End of Semester (Break) Friday 17/06/2017- 01/07/2017 SECOND SEMESTER Students Arrive Saturday 01/07/2017 14…Read more

2016/2017 Admission List

The following applicants who applied for the Pan African University scholarship have been given provisional admission at the PAU Institute of Life and Earth Sciences (including Health and Agriculture), University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. Letters of admission have been sent by speed post. Click to view selected studentsRead more


The 2015/2016 Matriculation Ceremony of the Pan African University, Life and Earth Institute (Including Health and Agriculture), (PAULESI) University of Ibadan will hold on Friday 22 April 2016 at 10:00am prompt in the Petroleum Large Lecture Theatre (Room 2) department of Petroleum Engineering,Faculty of Technology, University of Ibadan.Read more

2015/2016 Admission list

” The African Union Commission has offered the following students provisional admission in the programme under which their names are listed. Their letters of admission with date of resumption will be mailed to them in due course. Congratulations” Director PAULESI” Thank you Candidates offered admission Candidates offered Phd AdmissionRead more

2015-2016 Selection Meeting

The Pan African University Institute of Life and Earth Sciences (including Health and Agriculture) held its third meeting for the selection of the 2015/2016 students at its campus in the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. Picture indicates the Jury comprising of members selection from each of the subregions of AfricaRead more