The Ibadan Social and Evaluation Research Team (ISERT) of the University of Ibadan is a multidisciplinary collaborative group that provides quality project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) training, program monitoring and evaluation and data management to organizations. Members of ISERT have considerable experience in conducting M&E services to several international and national organizations, including CEDPA, Pathfinder Inc., CONSTELLA FEATURES Inc., JHPIEGO, ECORYS Netherlands, GPI, FMoE, the World Bank STEP-B, NACA and many others.

ISERT emerged from a three-year Monitoring and Evaluation project supported by the MacArthur Foundation. The grant enabled the group train a wide spectrum of development practitioners from different organizations on M&E techniques and equipped members to provide quality M&E consultancy to various projects in different parts of the country.

Professor Uche Isiugo-Abanihe is the Chair of ISERT