Advocacy Visit to Dr. Muhammadu Jabbi Kilogiri (Sardunan Kilogiri), the Honourable Commissioner of Basic & Secondary Education, Sokoto State

ISERT team met with the Hon. Commissioner who was briefed on the contents of ISERT I and II. Copies of ISERT documents were presented to him. The Hon. Commissioner thanked the team and welcomed them to the Ministry. He said, “It is interesting to have the report on Family Life and HIV/AIDS Education. It is good that ISERT is working with agencies, Ministries and Departments, as well as NGOs and donors. Sokoto State has a very functional health education as it is important for school children. We will assure you that we will go through the report, domesticate and use the information for school health education towards a better family and health status. We have discussed with NACA and we have told them that we have a budget line we can key-in the programme for implementation. We have World Bank, USAID, UNFPA, Action Aid, SFH, etc. Through them, we will ensure that it gets to our people”.

The Honourable Commissioner assured the team that the head of School Health Programme will go through the materials and they will also be used as part of career guidance and assembly talk. He also said they will ensure the materials get to the teachers and students, and that he looks forward to a greater collaboration with ISERT. He thanked the team for making the materials available to Sokoto State Ministry of Education and beckoned on them to see the Ministry as theirs.